Considerations in Searching for a Restaurant Property

Restaurant Property

You need to evaluate a number of factors when you are considering the purchase of a pub or restaurant. Your investment to a commercial property must undergo assessment based on different factors that may remain the same or change over time.

Factors to Consider When Looking for Pub or Restaurant Property

The following factors at are play not only for restaurants and pubs but also for most commercial real estate properties:

  • Location
    The most important factor is location. You need to choose a place and setting, which has high level of accessibility to your customers and your supplier. The location should be convenient for your targeted customers. Moreover, it should be near to your supplier of goods, especially if your require fresh items daily.
  • Physical Condition
    Inspect the place for any construction and built issues. If you are purchasing a used property, look for signs of wear and tear that need to be addressed. If you are looking at a new property, inspect if the building and its installations meet the requirements. You must check used and new properties for any potential liability issues.

  • Sufficiency of Space
    The property should be able to accommodate the different rooms needed in operating your restaurant or pub. You also need to provide enough parking space for customers who have cars, motorcycles, or bicycles. The property should also comply to the Indonesian’s Property Legal Rights with Disabilities Act.

Real estate brokers for Pub/Restaurant can assist you in the entire process of searching and purchasing a commercial property.

We can help you assess your financial capabilities and telling you which property is most suitable for your current and potential funds. We also manage the paperwork needed to purchase the property. Price negotiation is also addressed by our services. If you want to grab the seller’s offer, we can represent you in closing the deal. We offer services for commercial properties in Tangerang and Bandung.

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